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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Plucky Milky Way

By Phil Plait

Just when I think I’ve seen every variation of time-lapse animation of the night sky, along comes Joaquín Baldwin with his very clever and captivating short animation “Scintillaris”:

Ha! I love how the music punctuates his plucking the stars from the sky. Very nice.

It took three hours to record this video in the Mojave desert. It’s made up of individual and continuous 15-second exposures, long enough to capture the faint Milky Way in the background and still show nice, smooth motion of the stars and clouds. Baldwin had to follow a careful script to get it right, and hold each pose for the duration of each frame (except for the end, where he moved around to create the creepy-cool blurred effect).

My thanks to Joaquín Baldwin for letting me know about his work!

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