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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Q&BA: Can we build a space habitat?

By Phil Plait

Every week (or so) I do an interactive live video chat on Google+ where people can ask me questions about space and astronomy. I call it Q&BA, and it's always fun to hear what questions are on people's minds.

I recently got a great question: "What do you think of the concept of a space habitat? Is it possible to replicate Earth's environment in space?" I really leaned into this one -- I've spent some time thinking about it -- so here's my answer:

That last minute or so is important to me. One of the reasons I do any of this -- write, speak publicly, and share my joy of science -- is to help increase public perception of science and space, and hopefully to help inspire people to be excited about space travel the way others inspired me when I was younger. I imagine this will be a recurring theme in future Q&BAs.

I have an archive of Q&BA links and videos. Take a look and see if there are other ones that tickle your imagination.

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