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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Q&BA full video chat session online

By Phil Plait

On Sunday, I did a live video chat on Google+ where I took astronomy and space questions from folks and answered them as best I could. It was a lot of fun, with several hundred people showing up! I did some minimal editing of the session and put it on YouTube for your enjoyment:

The video resolution is not that great, I know, and I'm working on solutions for that. I'm looking into recording the feed locally on my PC so that I can upload a better version. If you have suggestions, I'm listening (but anyone starting a PC vs Apple war will be eviscerated; be ye fairly warned, says I).

I'm also always happy to get suggestions from people too. I have plans to do this on a weekly basis, and would love to improve it. Whaddaya got?

[P.S. In the "Related posts" below I have some links to the old Q&BA v.1.0 videos. Those got to be so time-consuming I had to stop doing them, but things have gotten much better since then! I'm looking forward to doing this more often now.]

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