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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

'Resident Alien' star Corey Reynolds on bringing joy to the masses with SYFY's hit sci-fi comedy

The man behind Sheriff Mike is committed to putting smiles on our faces week in and week out.

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien star Corey Reynolds on giving the world something good in Season 2

The man behind Sheriff Mike Thompson is wholeheartedly committed to delivering smiles to the masses with SYFY's Resident Alien week in and week out. Speaking of which, the latter half of Season 2 can't come soon enough! Chatting with Jackie Jennings and Juan Cadavid, co-hosts of the official Resident Alien After-Show, principal cast member Corey Reynolds explained that the overall goal of the hit show is, at least in his humble opinion, to "give the world a little something to make life a little easier."

Something we can all get behind — despite our petty differences — is a good laugh.

"Since the beginning of time, there's been storytellers and people were carving things in caves and pointing up at the stars and creating stories from looking at the heavens," the actor said, getting appropriately existential (after all, this series does center around humans learning they're not alone in the universe). "All of that has served its purpose in helping with that creative outlet that has helped guide humanity to being more humane and more caring and all those things. I know it sounds kind of corny and sh**, but I think we all take a lot of pride in being able to create something that's gonna hopefully bring some joy to people."

There's plenty for the cast to enjoy, too, especially during production. SYFY WIRE caught up with Reynolds ahead of the first season and got his thoughts on what it's like working with the great Alan Tudyk (who plays Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle).

"I think Alan keeps you on your toes," Reynolds told us. "All of us excel at improv and he’s very, very, very good at it as well, so you always have to be present in the moment because you never know when he’s going to give you something new to play with. Once you have this new thing to play with, it becomes your job to play with it and give it back to him. A lot of our show is rooted in that improv back and forth, which I think benefits the show."

Season 1, as well as episodes 1-8 of Resident Alien Season 2 are now streaming on the SYFY app and Peacock. Be sure to check back in with SYFY WIRE every week for more bonus content that takes you behind the show's sophomore outing!

New episodes of Resident Alien Season 2 are set to land this summer on SYFY.