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'Resident Alien' boss promises return of Terry O'Quinn's Alien Tracker in back half of Season 2

Deputy Liv is suspicious of alien activity in Patience and there's only one person she can turn to...

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien Showrunner Chris Sheridan Talks About Season 2’s Alien Encounter

Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) heavily suspects that there might be alien activity going on in Patience, and there's only one person she can call... Terry O'Quinn's Alien Tracker! Resident Alien showrunner/executive producer confirmed the character's return in the second half of Season 2 on SYFY during a chat with Jackie Jennings and Juan Cadavid (co-hosts of the official Resident Alien After-Show).

"I can spoil it enough to say we will see more of the Alien Tracker," Sheridan admitted, going on to add: "He's not gonna not show up."

First introduced at the end of Season 1, the Alien Tracker played by the Lost alum vowed to prove that extra-terrestrial life exists when his unborn child was suddenly and tragically abducted right out of his wife's belly. Decades later, he crosses paths with Harry (Alan Tudyk) at a UFO convention and like young Max (Judah Prehn), the character has the rare genetic abnormality that allows him to see Harry's true form.

Harry and the Alien Tracker have unfinished business, which is certain to be resolved when Liv — who had her own UFO experience as a child — makes that phone call. Her commitment to finding out the truth is so strong, in fact, that it trumps Harry's own brainwashing abilities that he used on Liv and Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) at the start of Season 2.

"We wanted her to represent all those people out there that had UFO situations, alien situations, or frankly, anything else that is against the norm who are afraid to tell their truth because they don't want to be ridiculed," Sheridan explained. "There's a history of people who believe in aliens and UFOs being ridiculed. People don't really talk about it because they don't want people to think they're crazy. Which is exactly what the government wants, which is why they started this thing about people being crazy if they believe in UFOs, so people won't talk about it...I think."

He concluded: "I think it's a fun thing because she's sort of an investigator at heart and it would be a little bit repetitive ... for it just be investigating murders over and over again. So this gives an opportunity for her to be going down a rabbit hole — and possibly in the future with Mike — trying to figure out if there's truth behind some of these things that are happening for them."

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New episodes of Resident Alien Season 2 are set to land this summer on SYFY.