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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

'Resident Alien' stars Alan Tudyk, Alice Wetterlund & Sara Tomko go airborne in BTS pic from Season 3

Looks like Season 3 will take the story to *ahem* new heights...

By Josh Weiss
Behind the Scenes of Resident Alien Season 2, Episode 15: "Best of Enemies"

Looks like Season 3 of SYFY's Resident Alien will take its narrative to *ahem* new heights. Posting on Instagram Friday, cast member Alice Wetterlund (D'Arcy Bloom) revealed an image of herself in the cabin of a helicopter alongside two of her fellow co-stars — Sara Tomko (Asta Twelvetrees) and Alan Tudyk (Harry Vanderspeigle) — as well director/executive producer, Robert Duncan McNeill.

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"Sometimes we have to do brave things for this job," Wetterlund wrote in the caption, going on to encourage her followers to applaud for Tomko and promising that "season three is going to be really, really good."

Check out the post below:

This isn't the first time Resident Alien has taken to the skies. In fact, the presence of a chopper seems to imply that our heroes will once again be forced to brave the snowy and impassable mountain just outside of Patience, Colorado. While no specific plot points have been confirmed just yet, it'll be interesting to see how the story plays out moving forward, now that D'Arcy knows the truth of Harry's identity.

"I knew pretty early on that the next person that would know would be D’Arcy because I just felt like that would help the dynamic shift," showrunner Chris Sheridan told SYFY WIRE. "I love how it ended up playing out where D’Arcy finds out. But it's not even that big a thing because the most important thing is she realizes, ‘Oh, that's why Asta’s been lying to me and I understand why she would lie about that. So I don't feel bad about that anymore.’ She's so relieved to now know Asta’s secret that she just [brushes off] the alien thing. It was a very funny dynamic to play, especially to see Harry's reaction to that. Alan played that so brilliantly, being called a dinosaur and being offended ... Now that D’Arcy knows, it just shifts everything going into Season 3. It's a great new energy."

In addition to McNeill and Sheridan, the show's executive producers also include: Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment; Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank of Amblin TV; Christian Taylor (Wolf Pack); and Nastaran Dibai (Dear White People).

SYFY has yet to announce an official premiere date for Season 3 of Resident Alien. In the meantime, however, fans can catch up on the saga of Harry Vanderspeigle thus far with the first two seasons — both of which are now streaming on Peacock.