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Richard Kind is a leading man now, so please, help him with his smart home [Ep #101]

By Jordan Zakarin
Richard Kind

Richard Kind considers himself a character actor who is terrible with technology, though you wouldn't know it from his new movie.

Prolific as a scene-stealer in approximately half of all sitcoms and a fair number of big-screen comedies produced in the United States over the last 25 years, Kind got the chance to step into the lead role in Auggie, playing a recently laid-off man who finds a companion in his new augmented reality glasses. Directed by Matt Kane, the movie gave Kind the chance to show off his dramatic chops, turning the awkward conversations he excels at into darker, more deeply uncomfortable interactions. You can watch an exclusive clip below:

Speaking of darker, deeply uncomfortable conversations, Kind joined The Fandom Files podcast as a guest last week! Actually, it was one of our favorite episodes to record — the New York-based actor was a blast, regaling us with tales from his long and storied career, as well as his children's absolute disinterest in any of it.

Listen to the end — it's the most satisfying roasting we've ever received. Auggie hits limited theaters on September 20.

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