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Rick and Morty travel to the twisted realm of Avalonia in new Oni Press one-shot

By Jeff Spry
ever after hero

The manic duo of Rick and Morty are casting off for another madcap adventure in Oni Press' crazy new graphic novel, Rick and Morty: Ever After — and SYFY WIRE is offering up an exclusive preview of the Adult Swim sensation's latest odd odyssey.

The mayhem arrives on Oct. 28, written by fan favorite Sam Maggs (Captain Marvel, The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope) and adorned with wacky artwork via Sarah Stern (Cindersong, Green Lantern: Legacy) and Crank! Prepare for an insane immersion into the demented depths of folklore and literature as Rick and Morty venture into freaky fantasy realms.

rick 1

The wacky storyline begins when one of Rick's wild experiments on knowledge-absorption-via-osmosis goes terribly wrong (and honestly, exactly when don't they?). Rick and Morty find themselves sucked down into Avalonia: Sad Stories for Bad Children, an ancient, dusty book stuffed with a rainbow of disturbing fairy tales. But these yarns aren't the happy, sanitized Disney versions — no, this twisted collection belongs to the old-school, unsettling, Grimm-dark fairy tales used to scare kids into behaving for their parents.

Upon arriving in this bizarre new universe, the two are separated: Morty gets trapped in a crumbling old tower, the fabled princess is in need of saving, and Rick, the scholarly old wizard, destined for the castle's basement.

rick slice

With the assistance of Silke, the diabolical sorceress holding Morty prisoner, and Marius, the himbo knight tasked with his daring rescue, Rick and Morty must wind their way back to each other — and to their own semi-normal reality. However, what they don't know is that their appearance in Avalonia unleashes the Evil Step-Witch, setting off a chain of events that will ruin the world — and the book itself — with Rick and Morty still in it!

rick slice 2

"Writing Rick & Morty Ever After was my happily ever after!" Maggs tells SYFY WIRE. "It was so much fun, dropping our iconic sometimes-heroes into a classic fairytale universe where they proceed to turn all those tropes from our childhood on their heads.

"Emmett Helen and Sarah Stern were dream collaborators from the word go, especially on our brand-new characters (like my personal favorite, the himbo-warrior Marius). We’ve got evil witches, we’ve got flashy kings, we’ve got knights in shining armor, and we also kind of have none of those things at the same time! You’ll just have to read the issues to find out if Rick and Morty get their happily ever after, too!"

rick slice 3

Leap into our full five-page peek at Oni Press' Rick and Morty: Ever After #1 (Oct. 28) in the full gallery below.