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Salute International Dino Month with 1First Comics' new graphic novel, Alien Bones

By Jeff Spry
Alien Bones Hero

That earth-shaking sound you hear looming in the distance is the noise of International Dinosaur Month lumbering onto the calendar in October. To help salute our extraordinary extinct friends, 1First Comics is releasing an imaginative new original graphic novel on October 2 titled Alien Bones — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview of its primeval delights.


Written by the Emmy-nominated Hollywood producer Chris “Doc” Wyatt (Marvel's Rocket and Groot, Napoleon Dynamite) and paired with whimsical artwork by Eisner-nominated artist Chris Grine (Time Shifters), this amusing offering suggests that Earth might not be the only dot in the universe where dinosaurs have roamed and multiplied.  With more than one thousand species of ancient creatures identified by scientists, there's bound to be a few existing on some remote alien worlds, right?

Alien Bones Slice 1

The notion of Alien Bones came from Wyatt's noble desire to thrill his son with an adventure far out in the universe.

"I first started reading sci-fi, when I was 7, because of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, which led me to Heinlein’s Have Space Suit -- Will Travel, which in turn led me to Asimov, Bradbury, and beyond," Wyatt tells SYFY WIRE. "Those books opened my mind to wild possibilities. With Alien Bones I wanted to create for my younger readers the same kind of childhood sense of discovery that I felt because of those great novels." 

Alien Bones Slice 2

This adventurous all-ages outer-space graphic novel is fully loaded with robots, pirates, and strange dinosaurs in exotic destinations. The plotline follows 10-year-old Liam Mycroft as he traverses the galaxy in a starship along with his paleontologist father in search of the remains of extinct alien dinosaurs. But when his dad suddenly disappears inside the mysterious ruins of an eerie underground alien city, Liam, his best friend Dianna, his android Standard-5, and his little pet dino are blasted on a cosmic odyssey that could affect the entire human race.

“I’ve drawn parallel worlds, a robot Abraham Lincoln, an evil witch apocalypse, and the strange adventures of a half chicken, half rabbit creature named Chickenhare,” said co-creator and artist Chris Grine. “And this original graphic novel really let me to push my art into new and exciting directions, specifically deep into the heart of outer space. What’s more awesome than dinosaur fossils? Alien dinosaurs!”

Alien Bones Slice 3

Check out our exclusive peek at 1First Comics' Alien Bones in the full galley below, then let us know how you'll be celebrating in style for International Dinosaur Month come October.