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SYFY WIRE bloodshot

Sam Heughan tells us why he got absolutely shredded for Bloodshot

By Tara Bennett

This week, Vin Diesel is headlining his own superhero film based on Valiant Comics' Bloodshot series. Diesel's famous physicality practically makes him a real-life superhero, and it was one of Bloodshot's most daunting aspects, according to Diesel’s co-star, Sam Heughan. Heughan plays Jimmy Dalton, and he shares some very memorable action sequences with Diesel ... which is one of the reasons why director David S. F. Wilson wanted him to transform his body prior to making the film.

"I spoke to Dave initially, and he wanted me to get as big as I possibly could," recalled Heughan. "I was shooting a TV show at the time, so it was hard to fit that in. But I did, I trained as hard as I could. We rehearsed all of those fights over and over. A lot of them were practical, [they] were real. We did do a lot of wirework and choreography. We shot them over a couple of weeks, and then went for pickups as well."

Since it's Diesel’s name and face on the marquee, Heughan admitted that he felt a little bit of pressure while filming his fight scenes with him.

"Not punching Vin in the face was probably the part I was most concerned about," said Heughan. "Because if I punch him in the face then this movie could be on hold for a few days."

Additionally, Heughan explained that the physicality of his character was shaped in part by the human aspects that he lost when he became a cyborg. It's all in the jaw ...

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