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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Science Channel airing TED talks (including mine!) on April 15

By Phil Plait

Last month, the folks at TED announced that the talks given at their meetings -- talks which run the gamut of psychology, science, engineering, human nature, and more -- were available on Netflix. A talk I gave at TEDxBoulder in September 2011 is on that list, and I've been getting great feedback on it.

If you don't get Netflix, never fear: the Science Channel is running some of the talks as well! They've put together and have been airing a five-part series of talks covering various topics... including mine! My talk, "How to Defend the Earth from Asteroids", will air on Sunday April 15*.

Here's a preview of the talks:

[You may have to refresh the screen to see the video.]

TED's slogan is Ideas Worth Spreading, and that's a wonderful thought. If you watch these videos, you'll see why. They're full of Big Ideas, and having watched quite a few myself, I can guarantee they'll make you think, make you wonder, and maybe even spark your imagination. That's what ideas do, and it's one of the best things we humans do.

* So no, you can't use the threat of a giant asteroid impact as an excuse to not do your taxes.

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