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SciShow Quiz Show: Sperm, Whales, and Sperm Whales


One of the perks of traveling up to Montana to record Crash Course Astronomy is that I get to participate with other fun stuff concocted by Hank Green’s folks up there. One of the best is SciShow Quiz Show, a semi-(well, maybe 25 percent)serious head-to-head battle between two people over a bunch of weird science questions.

Last time I was up they matched me up with Mr. Hank Green himself, and we were quizzed on a variety of topics loosely themed around, um, reproduction. Don’t worry, it’s pretty much safe for work, as safe as having my bald head on your screen can be.


I don’t want to spoil how I did, but I’m now 2 and 0.

And, why yes, I am a pygmy goat enthusiast.

It's a fan thing
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