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SDCC 2019: Batman: Hush's vocal cast tells why this animated Batman movie is the best


Springing out of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's seminal 2002-2003 comic book saga, Batman: Hush, a new DC Animated Movie Universe adaptation of the same name has just hit the streets during SDCC 2019.

This 13th installment in the DC Comics series of mature cartoon features was directed by Justin Copeland and follows the Caped Crusader's torturous hunt for a mysterious bandage-faced villain as a dangerous love connection with Catwoman blossoms.

Batman Hush

To flesh out more details of Batman: Hush's new animated incarnation, SYFY WIRE caught up with some of the vocal cast during SDCC 2019, including Maury Sterling (Thomas Elliot), Sean Maher (Nightwing/Dick Grayson), Jason O’Mara (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Bruce Thomas (Jim Gordon), and Geoffrey Arend (The Riddler). Watch as they reveal their reasons why this is the biggest, baddest Batman animated movie yet, explain how Hush differs from other Dark Knight tales, and relay a roster of other vital vocal roles from their impressive audible resumes.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.