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SDCC 2019: Ed Brubaker tells us the origin of Bad Weekend


Jack Kirby, one of the greatest comic creators of all time, is often cited for the dour piece of advice he gave to Dylan Horrocks: "Don't do comics. Comics will break your heart." But in Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips' Bad Weekend, "Comics won't just break your heart. Comics will kill you."

The Bad Weekend story was originally a two-issue tale in Brubaker and Phillips’ award winning anthology series, Criminal. However, the strong response to Bad Weekend led to a stand alone hardcover with expanded scenes. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, SYFY WIRE had a chance to speak with Brubaker about his comic book convention noir tale. And he wasn't shy about sharing the origin of the piece.

"I think I started thinking about writing it as a story about five years ago," said Brubaker. "I really wanted to do a story about a young artist looking at their mentor as he ages. And I'd been thinking about the comics industry, and these tragic stories that I grew up hearing. I grew up coming to San Diego Comic-Con... I started going to the convention when I was eight... And so I would just haunt Artists Alley and eavesdrop on all of these old cartoonists grousing about editors... I just tried to absorb all of that."

Because of Brubaker's interest in the artists, he got to overhear their stories from inside of the industry. It also helped shape his fandom by sending him to artists like Alex Toth, who weren't as widely known by young readers.

Bad Weekend is out now from Image Comics. And you can hear more details from Brubaker in the full video!