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SDCC 2019: Jason Mewes on the fine art of tucking and acting with Kevin Smith's daughter


Jason Mewes has gone full-frontal on camera so many times, the fact that he lets it all hang loose in the first moments of the new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (or, in this case, technically holds it back) barely even registers for him.

Mewes (Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) has earned the nonchalance and the expertise in the fine art of tucking thanks to first practicing the craft in high school and then to his appearances in multiple Kevin Smith films, most memorably as Silent Bob's hetero life mate, the lewd, long-haired Jersey stoner, Jay. This iteration of the tuck did require some special physical discipline and careful choreography, which Mewes was able to pull off after so many years of practice.

Jay and Silent Bob

Just moments after the first Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer hit SDCC 2019 on Thursday, the always-entertaining Mewes sat down with SYFY WIRE to reveal the intimate secrets of making one's privates disappear, tell us his favorite cartoon growing up, his character's evolution over the years, and the honest emotions of acting with Smith's real-life daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. He also talked about directing his own movie and his clear love for cop procedural shows.

Tune in and hear Mewes muse in a stimulating con-versation on vital life topics, then tell us if you're psyched for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob sequel.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot opens on October 15 and tickets are available via Fathom Events.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.