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SDCC 2019: Supergirl cast on Crisis and Kara's new look


There are big changes ahead for Supergirl as she enters her fifth season this fall, and we don't just mean her new pants! Although we are going to talk about Kara's upgraded outfit, there’s a key cast departure coming soon. And then there's Crisis on Infinite Earths, the upcoming crossover event. According to co-star Chyler Leigh, Crisis will transform the series in the second half of the fifth season. That's pretty ominous considering that Supergirl died in the comic book Crisis.

Meanwhile, Mehcad Brooks took the time to acknowledge his exit from the series and what that means for James Olsen.

"It came out yesterday that my character is leaving," said Brooks. "So we're gonna get up to wrapping that storyline up in a very gracious manner. I couldn't be happier with what we've come up with for the exit. It's gonna be hard for me personally. This is my family. I hate to say bittersweet, because it's just bitter right now. But I have some things I gotta do that are coming in here [points to himself] and they gotta come out."

As for series star Melissa Benoist, she professed her happiness with Kara's new look for both practical reasons for what it says about Supergirl herself.

"Logistically, I needed something a little more practical [because] we're in a cold place and the skirt with stunts didn't always work," noted Benoist. "But I also think it's a great evolution and we've kind of been thinking about it for a while now."

For more details from the cast of Supergirl, check out our full video!