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SDCC 2019: The Flash cast and crew prepare for a Crisis


Ever since the pilot episode of The Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths has been a sword hanging over Barry Allen's head. The Flash is destined to disappear during the Crisis and never return. That's why we were shocked when we caught up with Grant Gustin at Comic-Con. He admitted that he's never actually read the Crisis comic! He's not alone in that regard; most of the cast has yet to flip through one of the most seminal event comics of all time.

However, Gustin did tease Barry's new costume in the upcoming sixth season. Meanwhile, Candice Patton was more forthcoming about what's ahead for Iris and Barry. She revealed that the new season will pick up immediately after Season 5, as Iris and Barry try to deal with the loss of Nora, their daughter from the future. Patton also indicated that Season 6 will see Iris step up and become the reporter that she was always meant to be.

As for Danielle Panabaker, she told us that Killer Frost has a much bigger role this season and she's looking forward to playing Killer Frost's relationship with Team Flash, which will be very different from Caitlin's relationship with her friends.

The Flash executive producer Eric Wallace gave us an even juicier teaser, as he told us how Crisis will split the season into three parts.

"I read Crisis when it came out, and to be able to bring it to life in the Arrowverse is the biggest honor I can possibly imagine," said Wallace. “But as far as what it’s doing to Season 6 of The Flash, it's really dividing it into three parts: pre-Crisis, all of the dread building up to this really big thing that’s hanging over [us]. The crossover mini-event itself, all the stars and all the heroes in it ... You will get to see a [post-Crisis], and, dare I say, the emotional fallout for the characters post-Crisis is even bigger than pre-Crisis."

For more details about The Flash Season 6, check out the full video!