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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

SMBC Shoots the Moon

By Phil Plait

Zach Weiner is the host of the demented brain behind the massively popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, one of a few must-read comics out there if you want to call yourself a geek. SMBC lampoons science, math, and those would deny either or both.

Iâve known Zach for a few years now and weâre friends, which is why his betrayal is so much more bitter. I canât believe he would backstab me by publicly revealing in a comic something I told him about in confidenceâ¦

[Read the rest of the comic at SMBC.]

My backroom deal with NASA for naming rights on the future lunar colonies was this close to being finalized. Now thatâs all gone.

I shouldâve finished Zach off when I had the chance.

By the way, "Plait's Gulch" is the name of my Boy Gorge cover band.

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