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SYFY WIRE Freddy Krueger

Someone actually tried to smuggle a Freddy Krueger glove past TSA

By Elizabeth Rayne
Freddy Krueger Getty

Getting through airport security can be a little scary — you always risk getting patted down when you’re wearing nothing more dangerous than the wrong belt buckle — but what TSA personnel at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport found in one horror fan’s carry-on may be the reason they never sleep again.

The TSA just released its list of most bizarre catches for the past year, as reported by USA Today, and it looks like someone wanted to get away from Elm Street for a while. Forget the grenade-shaped bottle openers. Never mind the ball python wrapped in nylon stockings and stuffed inside a hard drive. Number one in its top 10 weirdest things someone actually attempted to sneak on board was:

That really is a legit Freddy Krueger glove replica you’re seeing. While nobody knows who it belonged to, where it was headed (probably a horror con) or why its owner just had to throw it in a carry on when you can’t even get a lotion bottle past the TSA. Maybe it was the fear of hours of hard work getting trashed if the thing had to take the brutal ride along with everyone else’s luggage.

You have to admire the work, razor fingers and all, and that distressed leather and tarnished metal really do make this thing look like it’s been into the fire and back. Could the owner have made a case that it was just an ingenious invention to put five butter knives right at your fingertips for breakfast? Sometimes you do need more than just plastic to cut through those stale bagels they give you on airplanes.

At least the Insta post assures anyone else with the same cosplay aspirations that the TSA is just fine with musty old fedoras and creepy red-and-green striped sweaters that probably haven’t been washed since the ‘80s.

Whether or not members of the Atlanta TSA were able to sleep after confiscating Freddy's glove remains unknown.

(via Dread Central)