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SYFY WIRE Space Force

Space Force has a new logo, which still looks a lot like Star Trek

By Jacob Oller
U.S. Space Force

The U.S. Space Force, the newest and spaciest of the U.S. military's branches, debuted its official logo early this year and was instantly targeted by genre fans for assigning a spitting image to the badge of the United Federation of Planets’ Starfleet from Star Trek. Now, Space Force (not the Netflix series of the same name, which parodies the organization) has unveiled a new look...and it's gone from Star Trek to Car Trek.

Launching the logo redesign a few days ago, the official Department of Defense Twitter account for the branch dug into the details behind the new black-and-white look...which just so happens to look like an inverted Pontiac car symbol.

Take a look:

With a new catchphrase — "Always Above," you know, like in space — and minimalist symbol, the Space Force has pared down a flag that Susie Mancini, the production designer of Netflix's Space Forcetold SYFY WIRE is "really, really similar to Star Trek."

"I feel like we spent more time designing the logo than they did, but that's just me," Mancini said of the agency's original design. But now, with seven more months of work, the new logo is much less familiar to Trekkies:

Designed by Staff Sgt. James Richardson, there're references to the star Polaris, the infinite darkness of space, launched rockets, and the other branches of the military. Though many fans still think it looks Trekish — the biggest new comparison is to a car logo:

It's probably not the North Star in that logo, but who can really say? Perhaps Pontiac has always been ahead of the curve, aiming for its drivers to "boldly go where no one has gone before."