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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Special Q&BA tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST!

By Phil Plait

This weekend I've been participating in Dot Con 2012, an online convention celebrating the geek lifestyle (see my previous post for moreinfo). For my part, tonight I'll be doing my Q&BA live online video chat on Google+ at 20:00 EST (01:00 UTC). Since this is part of Dot Con, I'm going with the theme of "The Science of Science Fiction", a favorite of mine. Got a question about astronomy, time travel, rockets, aliens, whatever, from something you saw on a TV show or movie? Ask me about it!

If you want to participate, it's easy. You don't have to be registered with Google+ to watch; when the chat goes live I'll update this post with the link (and I'll put it on Twitter as well). Click it and off you go! You can also send me a question via Twitter as well. I do suggest you join Google+ though. For one thing, it's a really nice social platform with smart, interesting folks on it. Also, it means you can read and leave comments on the actual chat page where I'm doing the video, and that's more fun.

I'm also hosting Logan Bonner's video gaming panel at 15:00 EST (20:00 UTC), as well as an actual game of Refuge in Audacity he's holding at 16:30 EST (21:30 UTC). That will be open to all comers! If you want to play the game with Logan, sign up to play on the Google Doc Logan set up for it. You have to be registered on Google+ and then you have to circle me. You'll also need a webcam and microphone, so if you've ever video Skyped with friends or whatever, you're probably all set. [Update: Unfortunately, we didn't get enough people signing up to make the online game play viable.]


Logan's Online Gaming Panel is now live! The panel's done, and went quite well. Thanks to everyone who participated!]

Hope to see y'all there!

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