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All the things we want to see in 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 5

Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery just ended and we can't wait for Season 5! Here's a list of what we hope we'll see in the show's upcoming episodes. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Star Trek: Discovery 413 PRESS

With the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up and the knowledge that Season 5 is already in the works, we can’t help but wonder where the Discovery crew might be headed. 

It’s hard to guess what conflict they’ll face, although it’s safe to say that the crew will no doubt have to face something. It’s easier, however, to speculate on what we’d love to see in the show’s fifth season. 

To that end, here’s a list of what we hope to see next on Star Trek: Discovery. And be warned! Spoilers for Season 4 of Discovery lie below.

1. More happy times for the show’s couples

Star Trek: Discovery 413 PRESS.jpg

There are several strong relationships on Discovery. Book and Michael are the most prominent one, of course, and Season 4 really put them through the wringer. The season finale left them still in deeply in love with each other, but pulled apart. Let’s hope that things go easier for them in Season 5.

Let's also hope that we’ll get to see more of Saru and T’Rina’s budding romance, and that we get to see more time with other couples — such as Stamets and Dr. Huber and Adira and Gray — as well. 

2. More screen time for Tilly

Star Trek: Discovery 406 PRESS

The back half of Season 4 didn’t have much of Tilly after she decided to become a teacher at Starfleet Academy, although we thankfully got to see her in the season finale. Gray also wasn’t in much of the back half of the season, and we only got a couple of episodes near the end of Season 4 with the irascible engineer, Jett Reno. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more these folks (especially Reno, give us all the Reno) in the episodes to come. And also Grudge, of course — you can never have too much Grudge. 

3. Zora getting used to being part of Starfleet

Star Trek: Discovery 407 PRESS

Discovery’s computer, Zora, not only gained sentience in Season 4, but a formal ranking within Starfleet. It’d be great to have an episode in Season 5 told from Zora’s point of view — how is the A.I. adjusting to life as a Starfleet officer? Are they making more friends? Hanging out in the mess hall? They are on a big learning curve, after all, and it would be fun to see how they adjust to being a part of the crew rather than just the computer system the crew orders around. 

4. The Discovery crew facing challenges with bravery and excellence

Star Trek: Discovery 413 PRESS

The crew of Discovery has been through a lot, and no matter what is thrown their way — whether it’s the DMA or traveling almost a thousand years into the future — they face the challenges together, and bravely throw their impressive scientific acumen at every danger they face. It’s immensely satisfying to watch, and unless something really goes wrong, there will undoubtedly be more of this in Season 5. 

5. Stacey Abrams back as President of Earth

Star Trek: Discovery episode 413 Stacey Abrams PRESS email

The Season 4 finale ended with a surprise cameo from Georgia politician Stacey Abrams. While Abrams has a lot on her plate these days, we have a tiny hope that she’ll be able to reprise her role as President of Earth on the show. 

All four seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are currently available on Paramount+. No news yet on when Season 5 will premiere on the streaming platform.