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Gory movies turn into true terror as Sundance horror hit 'Censor' drops new trailer, sets June release

By Nivea Serrao
Niamh Algar in Censor by Magnolia Pictures

Sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction — at least it is in the Sundance Film Festival horror hit Censor, which will be hitting theaters on June 11, followed soon after by video on demand on June 18.  The studio has now dropped a new poster, and trailer, to build the hype for the indie horror hit.

The film follows the story of Enid Baines, a film censor in the 1980s, at a time when horror movies and any other content that was deemed too graphic or obscene for the public was censored. Enid (played by Raised by Wolves' Niamh Algar) takes great pride in her work, ensuring that audiences are protected from the gorier aspects of some scary movies, such as decapitations and eye-gougings.

However, things change when she is assigned to review a disturbing new film from the archive. Not only does the film seem to echo what hazy childhood memories she does have, but it might also be tied to her past, and the disappearance of her sister, who has only recently been declared dead with no body having been found all these years later, and Enid herself unable to recall any details of what happened. 

But as the questions begin to pile up and the paranoia sets in, Enid's work ethic itself is called into question and the lines between reality and fiction begin to get blurred. Of course, as the tagline of the film — which you can see in the poster below — says, "You can't edit reality." 

Censor Poster by Magnolia Pictures

Produced by Magnolia Pictures, Censor was written by Prano Bailey-Bond and Anthony Fletcher, with Bailey-Bond also directing the feature. The film was shown as part of the Midnight section of the 2021 Sundance Film Festival where it screened to rave reviews. 

Censor will beam down to theaters on June 11 in the United States and onto VOD on June 18. 

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