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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Syfy Wire welcomes Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy

By Adam Swiderski

For the most part, we here at Syfy Wire deal in the imaginary when it comes to space and science – warp drives and cosmic cubes and things that go “pewpewpew” in the night. But, if you’ve spent any time around these parts, you’ll know that we also love us some real, actual, science, particularly when it comes to the vast mysteries of the cosmos through which we’re all riding on this pale blue dot.

It’s because of this that we’re extremely proud to announce that we’re bringing Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy to Syfy Wire beginning tomorrow, February 1. Phil is an accomplished astronomer, having worked on the Hubble Space Telescope team at NASA, and a tireless advocate for the importance of science. He’s written two books – Bad Astronomy and Death From the Skies – and his work online has been bringing the business about how the universe works (as far as we understand it) since he first launched his own site in 1993.

Phil’s been plying his trade at Slate for the past five years, and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing him on board here at Syfy Wire to help us take our coverage of the wonderful world of science – and how it intersects with science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror – to the next level.

Look for lots more to come from Phil Plait and Bad Astronomy, and thanks, as always, for visiting Syfy Wire.

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