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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Talking Nerdy to Me

By Phil Plait

My friend Cara Santa Maria hosts the science podcast Talk Nerdy, where she talks to scientists and science communicators about, well, science. She invited me on, and the episode is online.

We talked about a wide range of stuff: meteorology, clouds, snow, why we love to do and talk about science, as well as (being who we are) the politicization of science and why that’s so dangerous right now. She brought up the recent issue of the QVC hosts trying to figure out what the Moon is and the appointment of anti-science senators to subcommittees that oversee critical science agencies.

It was fun to talk to her (and I apologize—she was in L.A. and I was at home in Colorado, and I don’t have good headphones; she had to edit it a bit to minimize a slight echo of her voice coming through my speakers. I really need to get a good set of headphones!) and let the conversation cover so much ground. I’ve been so busy lately writing and working on other projects that it’s been a while since I just sat and had a random-access conversation about science. I need to do this more!

Thanks for having me on, Cara. It’s always cool to get a little nerdery going.

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