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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Team Celestron

By Phil Plait

I’ve liked Celestron for a long time; they make really nice optical gear like telescopes, binoculars, and more. A few years back they sponsored a couple of science panels I moderated when I wrote for Discover Magazine, and ever since then we’ve had a nice relationship. They also sponsor my company Science Getaways, for example. I have a few of their ‘scopes and binocs, and I love using them.

So I’m pleased and flattered that they asked me to join Team Celestron, a group of interesting folks who use their equipment. On that page you’ll find a few photos and videos I’ve taken through my ‘scopes, and some info about me, too.

Others on the team include Caroline Moore, the youngest person to discover a supernova; Thierry Legault, one of the single most gifted astrophotographers on the planet; and some physicist dude named Stephen Hawking.

As I mentioned in my Christmas telescope buying guide, the reason I’m happy to endorse Celestron is simple: I like their stuff. It’s good quality at a reasonable price, and if you take care of it you’ll have a scientific instrument that will last for many, many years. But it’s more than just for science: It’s fun

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