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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Teasing Gravity

By Phil Plait

I like to live a spoiler-free existence, preferring to have no or at least minimal preconceptions when walking into a movie theater or sitting down to watch Doctor Who. I have remained amazingly and happily in-the-dark about the new Star Trek movie, for example, despite the existence of, yâknow, the Internet.

Despite that, I found myself clicking on the trailer for the upcoming movie Gravity. I really donât know anything about it, but my fellow Slatester Forrest Wickman made such a compelling case for the teaser, I decided I had to see it.

Iâm glad I did:

That looks amazing. I donât generally judge a movie just on special effects, but I like the way this was shot, and it looks like thereâs a lot of attention to detail. And best yet, the trailer gives you enough information to be intriguing, to draw you in, but not enough to ruin anything.

Plus, I do have something of a crush on George Clooney, so thereâs little doubt Iâll watch this when it comes out in October.

Coincidentally, this trailer was released around the same time NASA was planning an astronaut spacewalk to fix a coolant leak on the space station. Cue the conspiracy theorists in 3 ⦠2 ⦠1 â¦

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