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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

The Cosmic Ray Show

By Phil Plait

Ray Sanders is an astronomer and blogger. He hosts a webcast called The Cosmic Ray Show and recently interviewed me for it.

The show opens with a bit of space history from my friend Amy Shira Teitel, and then Iâm on to give a brief history of Bad Astronomy, blogging, exoplanets, Keplerâs reaction wheels, asteroid impacts, and why science is cool. I had fun talking to Ray, and I hope you like it.

After my segment, Ray interviewed another friend, Geoff Notkin from Discovery Channelâs Meteorite Men. Geoff is an expert on meteorites and a very successful meteorite hunter. He talks about meteors and meteorites, Chelyabinsk, and what it takes to go out and find these celestial visitors. The show ends with music by James Olmosâno, not Admiral Adama, but a singer-songwriter.

Ray has talked to lots of great astronomy folks over the course of his series, so check them out!

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