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The Letter for the King teaser reveals Netflix's fantasy reach beyond The Witcher

By Josh Weiss
The Letter for the King

Look out, Geralt. A new epic fantasy series is coming to Netflix! The first official teaser trailer for the streamer's adaptation of The Letter for the King (out next month) has arrived, and it reveals yet another sprawling genre sandbox for the company to play in.

As the narrator informs us, the northern kingdoms of Unauwen and Dagonaut have been waging war on the southern land of Eviellan for thousands of years. Eviellan's been resisting all this time, but a power-hungry prince known as Viridian (Gijs Blom), has crushed the rebellion. This world's only hope is now a prophesied hero — because there always has to be a prophecy — who will crush the rising darkness. That savior seems like it will be knight-in-training/messenger Tiuri (His Dark Materials' Amir Wilson).

Check out the teaser below:

Based on Tonke Dragt's 1962 Duthch novel of the same name, the upcoming series stars Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings) and his daughter, Ruby. The two portray a pair of key figures, the scheming mayor and his daughter, in Mistrinaut, a once-thriving trading hub fallen on hard times.

“It’s been a really interesting dynamic because we’re playing versions of ourselves but we’re not ourselves,” Serkis Sr. said in a statement (via Entertainment Weekly). “Where do we cross over as human beings? Where do we crossover as father and daughter? Obviously these characters are very different, but we’re using a shorthand that we know with each other.”

While Letter does resemble a Game of Thrones-inspired project, you don't have to worry about tons of violence, cursing, and sex. 

“You can enjoy the adventure without a lot of violence,” said Amir Wilson, who was rather nervous to take on such a large role. 

The Letter for the King Amir Wilson

“It was a lot to take in at first. Reading these scripts, I thought, how am I gonna be able to do this?” he admitted. “I thought it’d be quite hard for me, ’cause I’m quite new, and quite young, and not as experienced as other people. But I had a great group of people around me to help and support me.”

David Wenham, Peter Ferdinando, Thaddea Graham, and Gijs Blom co-star.

Season 1 of The Letter for the King rides onto Netflix Friday, March 20. Will Davies (How To Train Your Dragon) serves as writer and showrunner of the six-episode debut.