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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

The Milky Way and the Mashed Potatoes Mountain

By Phil Plait

Photographer Randy Halverson -- whose pictures and time lapse videos have been featured here on the BA Blog many times; see Related Posts below -- just posted an epically cool picture he took just last night: The Milky Way looming over Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

[Click to closeencountersofthethirdkindenate.]

He and his son (who also got a nice shot of it) were to the northwest of the gigantic butte-like structure; the night started out cloudy but it cleared after midnight. I'm glad! I love pictures like this for many reasons. Obviously, the Milky Way itself is amazing; the central bulge of our spiral galaxy is obvious, studded with stars, gas clouds, and dark bands of dust.

But the icing on the mashed potatoes is that silhouetted against it is such a recognizable landmark -- and one that plays an essential part in one of my all-time favorite movies. Devil's Tower has a fascinating geologic history, and I plan on visiting sometime. It's a long drive from Boulder, but I swear, it would make my fanboy (of both Hollywood and geology) heart sing to be able just to stand there and soak it in.

Image credit: Randy Halverson, used by permission.

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