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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits

By Phil Plait

Did you know that in 1726, a woman in Godalming, Surrey, gave birth to rabbits?

Yeah, I know. But this is a great story, and one I hadnât heard before. My friend and comedian Iszi Lawrence made it, and while watching it I noticed a couple of familiar faces in it.

Oh: It may be a bit NSFW. Probably not, but just in case. Fairly warned be thee, says I.

Iâve heard a lot of stories like this one â dealing with skeptical topics in the past, usually by educated people being fooled by various sillinesses â but this one was new to me.

Oh: If Isziâs voice sounds familiar, then perhaps you are a Skeptics Guide to the Universe fan. Listen to the intro. As for why she drew that doctor as me, I asked her, and she said it was because my face âwas fun to drawâ. I might disagree, but felt that arguing over it would be splitting hares.

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