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Three-Legged Bear Breaks into Home to Drink White Claws

Putting the claw in White Claw?

By Cassidy Ward

A cursory look through human history will reveal that we like just about anything that will alter our state of mind. The first civilizations arose nearly hand in hand with the first beer, and we’ve been tipping one back ever since. Perhaps the only thing we like as much as ingesting mind-altering substances is watching when animals do it. In fact, the concept is so popular that Cocaine Bear delivers two of the wackiest cinematic hours in recent memory on the concept of a bear getting absolutely zooted.

Recently, residents of Magnolia Plantation north of Orlando, Florida, had a similar (if less horrifying) experience when a local celebrity bear broke into their house and raided the beer fridge.

Bear Burglary Caught on Security Cameras

Like many modern homeowners, Josaury Faneite-Diglio has web-connected security cameras mounted outside of her home. They let her know when a neighbor is knocking, when a package gets delivered, and when a three-legged bear shows up for a visit. Faneite-Diglio received an alert around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 3 and opened her phone to find an image of a well-known three-legged bear, whom residents affectionately call Tripod.

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Diglio wasn’t home, but her 13-year-old son, Joseph, was, along with the family dog, Bruno. They noticed something was up when Tripod tore through a screen door and let himself into the patio area. First, Tripod stopped near the fish tank to snack on the fish food waiting nearby. Then he lumbered over to a small refrigerator, pulled the door open, drank a couple of White Claws, and left.

Fortunately, everyone in the area knows Tripod and mostly lets him do his thing. After a snack and a drink, Tripod went back to doing whatever it is bears do when they’re not breaking in and stealing booze. No injuries were reported, except to a couple of aluminum cans and a screen door.

Being a three-legged celebrity bear is thirsty work, and if Tripod needs a couple of cold ones after a hard day doing bear stuff, we think he should have them. Lucky for Tripod, the residents of Magnolia Plantation seem to agree.

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