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SYFY WIRE Avengers: Endgame

Thanos and Gamora’s early relationship to be explored in Tini Howard's upcoming miniseries

By James Comtois
Thanos Issue 1

It’s clear from watching Avengers: Infinity War that Thanos and his adoptive daughter Gamora have had … let’s call it a complicated relationship, to say the least. Despite Gamora having hated Thanos ever since he massacred half of everyone on her home world, and despite Thanos ultimately killing Gamora to get the Soul Stone, the Mad Titan always loved his adoptive daughter in his own particular way. (Thanos has an …interesting parenting style.)

To explore that tumultuous relationship in greater detail, this spring Marvel Comics will unveil Thanos, a limited-edition comic book miniseries written by Tini Howard (Marvel Knights 20th, Age of Conan: Bêlit), with art by Ariel Olivetti (Death of the Inhumans), telling the story of how Thanos and Gamora first crossed paths.

"Thanos is brilliant – he knows he's crazy. But he's an insane person who is in charge of stuff, and that's pretty scary," said Howard in a release. "But if everyone's too scared to ask him about it and he's not going to admit it himself ... what kind of person would get him to confront his own madness?”

According to Howard: "That's where Gamora comes in.”

Thanos Issue 1

Howard explained that she drew inspiration from True Grit, as well as Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark teaming up in Game of Thrones. “Classic duos where nothing threatens the big bad guy – except for a kid,” Howard explained. And the kid’s not a threat because they’re cute or vulnerable, but “because they're honest.” And since Gamora has nothing to lose, since Thanos took everything from her, that makes her even more of a threat.

Thanos begins in April. And, of course, we'll be seeing him again shortly thereafter when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.