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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Today Is International SUNday

By Phil Plait

Today is International SUNday, an informal holiday to celebrate the nearest star in the Universe.

It was started by my pal Stephen Ramsden, who runs the Charlie Bates Solar Observatory. He travels the country with his very, very nice solar telescopes, showing everyone the Sun. His setup is extremely nice, and I’m not at all jealous of the ‘scopes he has. Not at all.

Anyway, he came up with the idea of a day to get as many people as possible to appreciate the Sun, and he has gathered an impressive collection of observatories all over the planet to share their views with the public. Many of them will be webcasting what they see through their ‘scopes, so check out the list of where they are.

Stephen’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he’s a force of nature when it comes to astronomy outreach. I support his work, and I hope you will too! So take a moment today to check out our star. And when you do, think on this

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