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Director Todd Phillips reveals there’s a ‘Joker’ sequel script with an evocative working title

The director shared a photo of the script along with Joaquin Phoenix reading it on Instagram. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Joker Joaquin Phoenix

It’s been three years since Todd Phillip’s Joker came out. That movie skewed from the usual comic book movie format — instead of a movie full of larger-than-life action sequences, it was a dark character study of Joaquin Phoenix’s titular character, a failing comedian/clown performer who commits violent acts and becomes an antihero within Gotham. 

The film did well critically — garnering a Best Actor Oscar for Phoenix — and at the box office, where it earned more than $1 billion worldwide. Given the movie’s success, it’s no surprise that Phillips and Phoenix might be interested in making a sequel.

Today, Phillips revealed on Instagram an image of the script cover for said sequel, which Warner Bros. tweeted out. In addition to having Phillips and his writing collaborator Scott Silver's names on it, it also has a title: Joker: Folie à Deux. The second image of the post shows a black-and-white photo of Phoenix reading the script, strongly suggesting that the actor may already be on board for reprising the role.

The title of the script — Folie à Deux — may also tease what the second film may be about. The translation of the French term is “Madness for Two,” which suggests that Phoenix’s Joker might not be the only one dealing with insanity in the sequel.

In the comics, the Joker’s usual partner for all things violently chaotic and/or insane is Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie has brought this character to the screen in the DCEU, but since Joker lives outside that extended universe, perhaps that role will be filled by someone else, assuming that Harley Quinn is part of the sequel to begin with.

Things are still in the early days for this potential Joker sequel, so no news yet on if/when the film will go into production or make its way to a theater near you. But given that Warner Bros. shared Phillips' post, there's a good chance there's more Joker in our future.

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