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SYFY WIRE Important Toy News

Important Toy News: The Morphin’ Grid explodes with Power Rangers toys, plus Taco Bell has a board game

By Loryn Stone
Important Toy News June 24

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you all the best and coolest happenings in the world of amazing toys and collectibles for the week.

Get ready, my fellow lover of toys, because we are heading right back into that toy box for another week of newly announced toys and collectibles that are heading your way soon. Join me, your resident if not favorite toy journalist while we collect all the righteously cool things we love, now in toy form. It's an especially mighty installment of Important Toy News, because there were so many Power Rangers toy reveals this week. Why is that? Power Morphicon, the world’s biggest Power Rangers fan convention, conducted a virtual event called PMC Online over the weekend. Let’s head on over to that Morphin’ Grid and check out some of these Morphenomenal treasures!

Reebok Power Rangers Shoes


We’ve discussed fandom-inspired sneakers here on Important Toy News before, and this week’s announcement really takes this notion to the next level. Hasbro is teaming up with Reebok to give fans a huge line of kicks inspired by Power Rangers. There are six designs in this MMPR lineup, five for the main rangers, and another for the Megazord. Each of the key footwear models representing each Power Ranger incorporates elements of the Ranger and their Zord. Sorry, Tommy Oliver fans, no Dragon Zord shoes for you this time. The shoes range from $100-$180 depending on the model and fans can order these shoes from Reebok’s Power Rangers landing page starting on June 29, 2021, at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

Super7 Ultimates Goldar


Super7 made a marvelous Power Rangers announcement during their panel at PMC Online over the weekend. While fans have known since January that Super7 was creating Power Rangers ULTIMATES collectible figures, none of us had actually seen any images. That is, until now. Super7 showed off its Goldar figure, and as a Goldar collector myself I promptly lost my mind with zero hesitation. Super7 ULTIMATES are in the 7-inch scale, meaning Goldar (and all the big bulking monster glory that he is) will be about 8 inches tall. Accessories include four pairs of hands, an extra head sculpt, his sword, wings, and other character-appropriate accouterments. Ultimates run about $50 (give or take) and due to Super7’s Made-to-Order model, they will open a pre-order window where you can order as many of these Goldar pieces as you want. The pre-order window closes, the orders are sent to the factory in Vietnam, and about one year later, you have a monster at your door.

Super7 Super Cyborg Megazord


And speaking of Super7 and beautiful Power Rangers toys, they finally revealed the full-color Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Super Cyborg Megazord figure. Previously, fans were treated to the clear, transparent version which was fine. It did its job. But wow — seriously, the full-color Super Cyborg Megazord does all the jobs. It is such a beautiful toy. Now, we know what some fans out there might say: The Power Rangers did not pilot the Megazord from the chest! They piloted it from the head! But for the sake of being able to look upon this Megazord’s splendid visage without interruption, we’ve got to put those Rangers somewhere else. This highly articulated 11-inch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Cyborg Megazord figure features a removable chest plate that reveals all of the Power Rangers inside, as well as the inner workings of their most powerful weapon. You can order your own directly from Super7 for $85 today.

Hasbro Power Rangers Cogs


Last but not least in this week’s Power Rangers reveals, Hasbro is showing off a two-pack of Cogs. Via Hasbro, “these 6-inch Lightning Collection Zeo Cog figures feature premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show [and] over 20 points of articulation for high poseability." The pair also come with "Cog spear weapon accessories, extra heads with 'open' faces, blast effect piece, and an extra pair of hands for more ways to play or display.” Cogs are to Power Rangers Zeo what Putty Patrollers were to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Basically, they're the distraction baddies who fight the Rangers in their civilian forms before they all have the collective epiphany that perhaps they should declare that it is, in fact, Morphin’ Time, and all transform. This two-pack of Cogs costs $41.99, ships November 2021, and is available for preorder directly from Hasbro Pulse.

NECA Universal Monsters The Worlfman


We announced a while back in another issue of Important Toy News that NECA acquired the Universal Monsters license and would begin making Ultimate Figures (yes, NECA also makes figures called Ultimate, it’s a thing let’s roll with it) based on the iconic (and classic!) creatures from Universal Pictures’ earliest monster movies. In a brand-new reveal, NECA is unveiling The Wolf Man from the 1941 film starring Lon Chaney Jr. As a Lon Chaney Sr. fan myself, it hurts my insides that we are not treated with more figures from his enormous repertoire of horror-driven characters, but that is perhaps a conversation for another day. Today, we are celebrating Junior’s iconic role that solidified his place as one of the Universal Monsters. So, let’s check out some specs on Wolfie here. Per NECA, “the sculpt captures the human and monster sides of this complicated character with interchangeable heads, hands, and lower legs. The figure stands in 7-inch scale, features the authorized likeness of Lon Chaney Jr, and also includes wolf cane, animal trap, and stand accessories.” You can preorder your own today from Entertainment Earth for $32.99.

Ravensburger Taco Bell Party Game


We’ve reached the end, my toy-collecting friends, and all of this talking about cool stuff is making me hungry… for more cool stuff. Let’s satisfy our hunger by indulging in the fourth meal with Ravenburger’s Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game. “In Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game, players make Taco Bell runs to gather crunchy tacos, bean burritos, Freezes, and other menu items to feed their Crew: Supreme Superfans, Happier Hour Heroes, Drive-Thru Divas, and more. Players who satisfy their Crews’ specific cravings earn crave chips, chip-shaped tokens worth a surprise number of extra points at the end of the game. Sauce cards give players special abilities,” Ravensburger describes in an official press release. The Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game is available at Target now and will be available via Amazon and at friendly local game stores on August 1, 2021. The game supports two-to-six players ages 8+ and has an MSRP of $16.99.