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Contact! There is now such a thing as a UFO database with over 2 million pages of X-files

By Elizabeth Rayne
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

If you can’t find the truth out there, you might find it on the internet.

The UFO-logist who goes by the pseudonym Isaac Koi (he is a lawyer with a reputation to think about, after all) runs a database Mulder and Scully would be jealous of. Now discussion forum AboveTopSecret is crawling with transcriptions of over 50,000 YouTube videos — which is kind of a big deal since most accounts of alien sightings and encounters are usually confined to audio — and podcast episodes that Koi has catalogued. That’s about 2 million pages of everything from tall greys to glowing orbs.

The searchable database Koi posted to AboveTopSecret makes it that much easier for the alien-obsessed to search for specific paranormal phenomena. Koi, who used to work with Sweden’s Archives for the Unexplained and over a hundred other groups and researchers dedicated to UFOs, created this cosmic labyrinth with several publicly available transcription tools. These autonomously keep compiling transcriptions of video and audio recordings. Alien enthusiasts can use the timestamps and keywords in each episode to hunt for particular topics, even if the translation from voice to page has some glitches. Transcripts are also downloadable.

“The transcripts help find material containing discussions of a particular individual or topic,” Koi, who found searchable spreadsheets to be really useful in his own research, said on a thread he started at AboveTopSecret. “The imperfect searchable transcripts are intended as a tool to help locate relevant audio/visual material, not to replace that material. The spreadsheets, and the transcripts, contain links to the relevant recording so that no one is reliant upon the imperfect automated transcripts.”

In addition to individual accounts, there is some pretty hardcore stuff here. Think declassified FBI and CIA files. Koi has gathered data from around the world, which he is no stranger to, since in a past life he spent hours and hours digitizing UFO magazines, newsletters, and yes, official documents. He has also uploaded most of the transcripts in PDF format (with permission).

You could easily get lost in Koi’s database for hours. There is a podcast on astral travel that describes how to recognize an out-of-body experience, which may sound all New Age-y and weird until you realize it’s totally serious. Spaced Out Radio describes it as feeling your body transitioning to shutdown mode while your mind stays awake. Another podcast, Shattered reality, talks about how spiritualism and the sixth sense of mediums are possibly related to certain paranormal events. The Midnight Hour has a bizarre but intriguing conversation about accounts of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and tricked out with extraterrestrial implants.

So yeah, if you’re squeamish about probes and surgical techniques from another planet, some of these may not be for you.

Koi hasn’t just done this for believers. UFO cases predictably have many gaps. The more material you can gather on a particular subject, the more of those gaps you can fill when skeptics argue that the glowing halo of light in someone’s backyard is just a Photoshopped hoax. Of course, there are some doubters who suspect either Koi himself is an underground government department or involved in some sort of conspiracy with aliens. They just can’t seem to comprehend how one person has been able to find so much information that would otherwise be starting in a sci-fi movie.

Whether or not you believe, see the entire galaxy of transcripts for yourself right here.

(via AboveTopSecret)

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