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Update: Science Luau Has Five Openings

By Phil Plait

Do you like science? (Of course you do.) Do you like taking vacations in a tropical paradise? (Of course you do.) Do you want to hold a seahorse in your hand, sit near an active volcano, look at sunspots through a telescope, go night diving with manta rays, and hang out with other like-minded folks?

(Oh yes. Yes, you do.)

I have some good news for you. My wife and I run the company Science Getaways, where we take normal vacations and add science, so you can take a vacation with your brain. We’re calling this year’s trip a Science Luau, since it’ll be on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Science Luau sold out immediately (we keep them small and personal, so everyone gets to share in everything and really soak in the experience), but we just had a family cancel, so we have room to take five more people.

The Luau is from Sept. 14 to 20. You can read my previous post to get all the information about it. One note: The trip to the Mauna Kea summit is still full, so that option isn’t available. But everything else is!

If you’re interested, contact us via email using the link on the Science Getaways website (the registration page is no longer available, so the first five to email us get the spots). Mahalo!

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