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WATCH C2E2: Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman talk Marvel's War of the Realms


It's not often that Thor's problems spill over into the larger Marvel Universe, but the God of Thunder is going to have his hands full in War of the Realms. The long-time Thor creative team of Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman are tearing apart the ten realms in Marvel's latest event. During the second day of C2E2, Aaron and Dauterman came to the Live Stage to explain why War of the Realms is the culmination of everything Aaron has built up on his Thor run. According to Aaron, he wasn't even that familiar with the realms when he got the job.

"I started writing Thor seven years ago," noted Aaron. "When I got the job, I didn't know the realms. I didn't know where the dwarfs lived or the elves lived. It was all very confusing, so the first thing I wanted to do was figure that out and memorize the realms. As I read the Thor comics over the years, the books weren't consistent as to what those realms look like and who lived there. Were they good guys or bad guys? To me, that was important. That's part of what makes Thor different from all the other characters in the Marvel Universe."

According to Aaron, one of the reasons the other Marvel heroes have to step up is that Thor is missing when the story begins.

"When everything explodes in midtown Manhattan, Thor is nowhere to be found. There's no Thor to fight this fight," said Aaron. "That's when all of the other Marvel heroes have to team up to fight the fight and figure out... what happened to Thor."

For Dauterman, War of the Realms was an opportunity to draw some of his favorite Marvel heroes.

"I think [in] issue 3, there's a big splash page that's all Fantastic Four fighting these fantasy creatures," noted Dauterman. "That was a real treat. I hadn't drawn them probably since I was a kid."

For more War of the Realms details, check out the entire video!