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WATCH: Hellboy's David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Daniel Dae Kim geek out

By Karama Horne

This week, the world’s greatest paranormal investigator is back in theaters! Hellboy has arrived, and Stranger Things’ David Harbour has taken over the role of Mike Mignola’s signature hero. SYFY WIRE recently caught up with Mignola and the cast of the film on the red carpet at the New York City premiere, where the legendary creator recalled envisioning Harbour as the new Hellboy before that even seemed possible.

“My wife and I were watching Stranger Things,” said Mignola. “I was sitting there with her, and the minute David popped up on screen, she said, ‘That guy should play Hellboy.' Then, two weeks later, I get a phone call saying, ‘What would you think about David Harbour?’ So it’s just very odd. I didn’t pick him! The universe might have heard me ... I don’t know.”

Harbour also told us about Hellboy’s inner struggle to resist his true nature, which he latched upon during his performance.

“I felt like inside of him, his genetics, his DNA, his proclivities are all toward being evil,” said Harbour. “He has to cut off these pieces of himself to be a good guy. But he wants to. And ultimately, his big devil’s bargain is that if he becomes a good guy, he cuts off a vital piece of himself to do it.”

Harbour’s castmates, including Daniel Dae Kim and Sasha Lane, praised his take on Hellboy. Milla Jovovich also spoke to us about her character, Nimue, the Blood Queen, and why she enjoyed the role so much.

“I love my character ... because she’s strong, she’s powerful, she is a queen of her people,” noted Jovoich. “She loves her people and just wants to do right by them.”

For more Hellboy details from the cast, check out the full video!