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WATCH: DC's Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and Tom King talk about Detective Comics #1000


In 1939, Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced Batman in the pages of Detective Comics #27. 2019 is the 80th anniversary of Batman, and Detective Comics #1000 is coming on Wednesday, March 27. To mark the occasion, SYFY WIRE spoke with three of the creators contributing stories to the issue: Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and current Batman scribe, Tom King.

Adams' take on the Dark Knight in the '70s helped re-establish Batman as a serious character after the '60s. While speaking with us, Adams shared his take on why Batman has such enduring appeal.

"Batman is you," said Adams. "I am Batman. You are Batman. In your best moments, you are Batman. The reason you really like Batman is that he is you at your very best. And that's what he represents to us. We do need icons to look at and say 'I would do that. Given the chance, I would do that.'"

Lee made his mark on Batman in the 2002 storyline "Hush." For Detective Comics #1000, he is teaming up with writer Kevin Smith for a short story. According to Lee, this tale will actually contribute new elements to Batman's backstory.

"[Smith] wrote something that was actually really iconic in a way," related Lee. “It created an element to the mythology that didn’t exist before and explained a lot of different things in Batman's backstory. I felt like we actually contributed something."

Lee also shared his excitement about working with Smith for the first time.

"When they told me they got Kevin Smith to agree to a story, I was beside myself," said Lee. "He's an incredible writer, not just within the world of comics, but within film and TV. Great director, so talented in many ways. It was kind of nice to work on a project with someone I had never worked on before on a marquee iconic character."

Additionally, King told us about his "hopeful" Batman story in the anniversary issue. But you'll have to watch the entire video for that intel!