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WATCH ECCC: Ross Marquand talks Walking Dead and does celebrity impressions


Many fans of The Walking Dead may not realize that Ross Marquand is also a gifted celebrity impersonator. While the man behind Aaron has his action chops, his comedy skills are also quite sharp. Marquand demonstrated that again when he stopped by the ECCC Live Stage to talk with SYFY WIRE's Jackie Jennings. After a very real celebrity cameo to kick off the panel, Marquand was quick to express his excitement about Walking Dead's direction and shoot down the idea that it's wrapping things up.

"I don't things are wrapping up, I think things are kind of ramping up, as cheesy as it sounds. We've got a lot of new blood on the show," said Marquand. "We've got all these incredible new characters... that I think are breathing new life into the show. Angela Kang, our new showrunner, she's just done such a phenomenal job with Season 9. I hope you guys are digging it... because I think she just takes a new approach to how she wants to tell the stories and how she wants to introduce characters. It's really, really cool for us to play."

After hinting at some darker episodes to close out the ninth season, Marquand touched upon The Walking Dead's Death Dinners, where the cast and crew celebrate the departing performers. He also suggested that celebrating the life of men and women while they are still alive should be more widespread.

"We should all be throwing dinners for each other randomly and being like 'hey, here's what I like about you. You're a great person and you're great at this. Thank you so much for what you did that day,'" said Marquand. "It's rare that you get to say nice things about a person while they're still there. Eulogies and some funerals are all backwards. It should be while the person is still alive, because you can't hear it when you're dead."

Marquand lightened up considerably when it came time to show off his celebrity impressions, but you'll have to watch the entire video to see those!