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SYFY WIRE The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

WATCH: The LEGO Movie 2 cast on why it's so awesome


Once, everything was awesome. Now, everything is bleak—until someone brings you a cup of coffee.

SYFY WIRE didn’t have to shrink down into one of those plastic LEGO people to hear what the cast of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part thinks about the film. As you can see in this video, we found out all about their experiences as toys that pilot spaceships, sing, shapeshift, train raptors, and (of course) fetch coffee.

“It was dope af, it’s amazing, it’s incredible,” said Stephanie Beatriz, the voice behind Sweet Mayhem. “All of this is absolutely insanely amazing and wonderful. Dreamy.”

Beatriz believes her character is much more complex than a stereotypical villain, and has broken the boundaries of what a villain is thought to be versus what a villain actually can be. Let’s get real here, any baddie who assumes the name Sweet Mayhem can’t be too rotten.

If anyone is going to get more attention than that, it’s a shapeshifter. “The opportunity to be a shapeshifter and be myself at the same time—awesome!" said Tiffany Haddish, who voices alien queen Watevra Wa-Nabi. "And I get to sing! Even more awesome!”

Haddish would even shapeshift in the booth, at least in a way. One moment she had a hairpiece, glasses, or earrings on, and one moment she didn’t. This performance convinced Will Arnett, our favorite sarcastic plastic Batman, that there should be a new Oscar category for voice acting.

Seriously, why isn't there a category for that? She really shapeshifted, people.

Creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller admitted they were thinking about the second LEGO movie right after the first one came out. It’s kind of like the premiere of The Dark Crystal, where Brian Froud swore he’d never do such a movie again, until he emphatically changed his mind after Jim Henson asked him to. That was how Labyrinth came into being.

Is everything awesome? Sort of. Elizabeth Banks calls her character, Lucy, “a realist, not a pessimist,” who is “on defense [but] wants to be on offense so bad.”

Chris Pratt has also had to wrestle with realness and awesomeness while developing Emmet. “I want to hold on to this pure excitement and joy for life, this wonder that we’re born with, but also I need to protect myself from what I see around me that kind of scares me.”

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part just hit theaters today. The cast agrees that it really is awesome.

Elizabeth Rayne contributed to this article.