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Welcome to the FANGRRLtopia

By Cher Martinetti

Happy 2020! Or, if you’ve been watching the news/your social media feeds, Happy 2019: The Sequel!

Science-fiction, fantasy, and even horror, has a unique ability that not many other genres do. It allows fans to simultaneously escape into another world while also expressing or exploring ideas and topics that they may not be ready or given the opportunity to in their everyday lives. It can literally be a safe space. You can be anyone via cosplay or gaming avatars, find your voice by playing in beloved universes via fanfiction or RPGs, take a reprieve from everyday life by immersing into a book, movie, or TV show. And sometimes each of these things affords people the chance to be seen for who they really are, to find their tribe, and feel acknowledged by strangers who may otherwise deny their existence.

Basically, science fiction can bring out the absolute best in us as human beings, imagining what we’re capable of while sometimes cautioning us by holding up a mirror reminding us of our biggest faults. 

So for the month of January, FANGRRLS wanted to kickstart the new year by envisioning the nerdverse as we would like to see it. We let our imaginations run wild, creating the ultimate utopia or, as we’re calling it, FANGRRLTOPIA: our own nirvana fueled from our fandom and driven by our passion to be part of the change we want to see in the entertainment and media world.

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