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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

What a World! What a World!

By Phil Plait

It snowed in Boulder, Colo., the other day. I was of course immediately suspicious of a government conspiracy, so I sought photographic evidence.

Ah. It melted. Well then, so much for that.

For those who are curious, the video took one frame every 20 seconds for about 4.5 hours (the camera was facing west, into my side yard out my office window). I used a nifty bit of basic software called Motion Pictures for the iPhone, the same I used for the time-lapse video for the snow melting on my oven top. My favorite part: How the plants, which are dormant in the winter, perk up as the snow melts. I’m guessing that (besides obviously being unemcumbered of the heavy snow as it disappears) the stems dry and stiffen in the sunlight, straightening them.

That, and the nanobots in the snow heal and repair them. I mean, duh.

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