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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

What Climate Change Deniers Sound Like to Normal People

By Phil Plait

Y’know, I can rail about trillions of tons of ice melting from the poles, and how we’re dumping billions of tons of CO2 in to the air every year, and how our sea levels are rising, and how 97 percent or more of climate scientists agree we’re heating up … but in the end, I suspect I won’t have nearly as big an impact on the public as simple, funny videos like this one (maybe kinda sorta NSFW):

Ha! Exactly right. Funny how a simple shift of venue makes it obvious that climate change deniers really don’t make any sense at all.

And if you’re dealing with someone who, despite the tsunami of evidence that all of this is real and our fault, then let me make one more point.

A lot of deniers say “The climate’s always changing; sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold.” If that were true, then you’d expect that if you looked at temperature records in some region over the past century or so, you’d see just as many high temperature records as low, right?

But, if global warming is happening, you’d expect to see more high temperature records than low ones in more recent times.

Guess what?

Two scientists did just this, using records in Australia. Up until 1960 they found just as many high records as low … but from then on highs outnumber lows. And in 2000–2014, record heat outnumbered record cold by 12 to 1.

Now watch the video above again. I try to be polite when I argue a point, try to maintain some civility.

But when you’re ridiculous, what you deserve is ridicule.

Tip o’ the thermometer to Climate Denial Crock of the Week.

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