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WIRE Buzz: Broad City star heads to horror; Motherland: Fort Salem finds final witch; more

By George Stark
Ilana Glazer

It seems appropriate to kick off today’s WIRE Buzz with the genre that is killing it at the box office right now: horror. The latest star getting ready to bring the scares is Broad City co-creator Ilana Glazer, who is starring in and co-writing a new horror movie titled False Positive, according to Deadline.

While there is very little detail about the movie as yet, it still sounds promising. Why? Because Glazer has proven herself to be a talent to watch after five hilarious seasons of Broad City (the final episode of which airs tonight) and all eyes are on what she does next. There appears to be a buzz around this project already, considering that A-list talent like Pierce Brosnan and Justin Theroux have signed up to star alongside her, as well as an impressive list of supporting stars, including Gretchen Mol, Sophia Bush, Zainab Jah, and Josh Hamilton. John Lee (Broad City, Pee-wee's Big Holiday) is directing the project as well as having co-written it with Glazer.

The project — which begins shooting next month — is being produced by A24, and they definitely know good horror when they see it (yes, we're looking at you, Hereditary), so consider us excited.

Next, Freeform is moving ahead with its 10-episode series order Motherland: Fort Salem, by casting its third and final lead witch. Deadline reports that newcomer Ashley Nicole Williams is the latest to join the coven, and will star alongside Taylor Hickson (Deadpool) and Jessica Sutton (Escape Room).

The show is set in an alternate version of America where witches not only exist but defend the country at the behest of the U.S. government, with the female army using supernatural powers and weapons on the front lines. Per the report, Williams will play Abigail Bellweather, a "driven and courageous witch" who is thrilled to be joining the witches' army.

Is it just us, or are witches having a major moment right now? What with the Charmed reboot and the recently announced remake of The Craft, Motherland: Fort Salem certainly seems timely. And kudos to the show for also coming up with an original, and witchin’-sounding, premise.

Lastly, gamers who were fans of Alx Preston’s role-playing Hyper Light Drifter title will be excited to know that the game is being adapted into an animated television series.

Preston confirmed to Polygon that he and producer Adi Shankar are "actively" in the development stage. Reportedly, the team is looking for TV writers to help get the story from game to screen. The duo’s other game adaptations include the Netflix show Castlevania and upcoming shows based on Devil May Cry and Assassin's Creed.

Preston teased to Polygon: "Hyper Light as a game was pretty atmospheric and kind of overbearing at times. For a series, the question is: How do you sustain and keep your attention on a non-interactive run? Does it get really, really dark and serious? Does it have some levity?"

Whatever they decide upon, with the original game paying homage to 8-bit and 16-bit games, we hope that the series will capture all that much-loved nostalgia.

Are you feeling the buzz for these projects? Tell us all about it in the comments below. Please.