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As promised: Jupiter and moons seen by SOHO

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May 17, 2012, 1:56 PM EDT

A little while back, I wrote about Jupiter appearing in an image from NASA's SOHO Sun-observing satellite. I promised that it would soon appear in a SOHO camera that had higher magnification, and we'd be able to see its moons.

I am not one to break promises:

Awesome. It helps to set the resolution to 720p to see the moons when they're pointed out.

And just you wait: in early June, Venus will appear in the LASCO C3 and C2 cameras, on its way for a date transiting the Sun for the last time in over a century. I'll have more about that event in a few days... I promise!

Tip o' the occulting bar to SungrazerComets on Twitter.

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