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Episode Recap: Bad Things Happen


Mike, with Axl as his slightly less than willing assistant, is risking bankruptcy as he battles to repair the water damage to Zimbabwean Pete's house. Mike is also risking a marriage meltdown by keeping his actions secret from his wife, Valerie. Axl still doesn't get Mike's moral code – why doesn't he just use his powers to win a truckload of money to pay for everything? All Mike will say is that bad things happen when he uses his powers.

…But bad things happen to Mike anyway, as Valerie picks up a phone-call intended for him, about the overdue rent on the place he's got Pete and his family holed up in.  Valerie and Mike argue about money mainly, and specifically about needing money for more in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Mike grabs his coat and stalks out of the house.

At a bar, drowning his sorrows, Mike is tempted into a game of darts. He wins, and nothing bad seems to happen, so he heads off into the night to the casino, where he sidles up to a blackjack table where a woman we'll come to know as Jackie is dealing. And Mike, his powers growing with each hand, starts to win big.

But in his God-rush, Mike wins in the most conspicuous way possible and gets hauled from the table by the pit bosses. However, with no proof of how he was cheating, they have no choice but to ban him and toss him out with his winnings – more than enough to pay his debts.  And Mike walks away happy, thinking that no bad things happened – until he meets Jackie, who has just lost her job thanks to Mike's performance.

Being an honorable fellah, Mike tries to make things right with her.  They begin to bond, across a night out together, and for a moment it looks like the bad thing happening might be Mike cheating on Valerie.  But this isn't Mike's way and he and Jackie part ways.  Then Mike returns home to find a note from Val, leading him to the resting home where it is revealed that Rob – Val's former fiancé and Mike's friend-- has woken up form his coma. Did Mike just use his powers and a good thing happened?

Axl, meanwhile, finds out that Gaia has a boyfriend named Jacob.  Fuelled by a surge of jealousy he starts drinking but cannot get drunk. With Zeb in tow he breaks into Anders' apartment, in search of alcohol but still, he can't get wasted. Even when three three hot girls: Kylie, Sascha and Leah who claim to know Anders, join the party and bring drugs, nothing happens to Axl. 

When Anders' arrives home to find a party in full swing, the true purpose of the three girls is revealed: they are vengeful ex-conquests here to take revenge on Anders.  It is only with a surge of god-like power that Axl manages to send them on their way, before they spay Anders. The unfortunate, and unforeseen, upshot of this is that Zeb sees the surge of god-like power, forcing Axl to confess his Odin secret to his mortal mate.