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Episode Recap: Like Jesus, Only Cooler

We begin at the hospital where Axl is learning that Zeb may have been blinded for life; while Ty is breaking the news to Dawn that they can never be together.  It is not a good day to be a god. When Axl gets home Gaia tends his wounds and everything that has been simmering away between them finally comes to fruition and they end up in bed together.

In the wake of this, Axl announces to his family that he is in love with Gaia, so the wedding to Eva/Frigg is off.  Anders, in particular, does not take this news well; but Mike urges Axl to slow down and think about things before doing anything rash – either way.  But the pressure on Axl continues, in the form of Zeb, who thinks that if Axl gets married, gets his powers, then he will be able to give him his sight back.

As the boys are preparing for the Gudegilde, a pre-wedding god ceremony, Mike too joins the list of gods having a bad day when Valerie announces that she is pregnant, and still in love with Rob.  Mike decks Rob before heading off to the party.

Axl heads off to the party, promising Gaia he will sort things out with Eva, so they can be together.  At the Gudegilde, where all the gods and goddesses are finally together – including Agnetha— whom none of the guys have ever seen and who intrigues Anders no end. Things do not get off to a rollicking start, as Ty and Eva get into a huge fight and she brandishes a knife at him.  At least this gives Axl an excuse to take her aside and break the news about the wedding being off.

But things take an unexpected turn for the worse when, after Axl announces this to the gathering, Colin steps forward with an announcement of his own: in that case, he says, Mike will die within two weeks. Apparently what Agnetha neglected to mention in her translation of the document were any clauses about what punishment would ensue should the wedding fail to take place.  This completes a great day for Mike.

Olaf, however, sees a possible way out, in that after he and Ingrid did some forensic Oracle work, they realized that Eva is not, in fact, Frigg – but is Hel, the goddess of the Underworld. Colin, however, rejects this as a loophole, as the contract doesn't care which god or goddess is getting married: no joining of the families means Mike dies. And as Mike prepares himself to be the sacrifice, Axl and Gaia fall apart because he did not annul the engagement like he promised. 

It takes Ty, who has nothing left to live for, to save the day.  It is he, following his godly destiny to be with Hel, who 'woos', then marries Eva, even though they will clearly be the death of each other. Axl tries to make things right with Gaia, but it's too late.

And, in this way, the Quest of the Johnson boys is no closer to being resolved.